12/31/01:  IMPORTANT BULLETIN REGARDING OUR CLOSING:  Effective Monday, December 31st, 2001, Compubuild, Inc. has permanently closed, and no longer exists as a business entity.   Please see the two links below for alternate service providers in our area, or you may use other providers of your choice.  Neither Compubuild, Inc., nor any of it's corporate agents are liable for any customer expenses or damages incurred in the use of other service providers.  We have attempted below to answer the most common questions from our customers.  We hope this will be useful in helping you with your future computer service needs:

Why has Compubuild, Inc. closed?

  • We experienced a 70-80% drop in revenues during the past several months, due to the severe recession currently occurring in the computer industry.  Despite our best efforts, we were unable to survive the prolonged cash flow shortfalls that occurred due to this severe downturn in business.

I purchased computer equipment from Compubuild, Inc.  How do I get service for my equipment after December 31st, 2001?

  • We recommend that you arrange for your computer servicing or further purchases from the two companies listed below, or other companies of your choice**.  

** When using an alternate service provider, that provider's service terms and company policies shall be in effect, and supersede all Compubuild, Inc. policies.

Contact Information

Electronic mail:
Customer referrals and all other inquiries:  support@compubuild.com
Hours of Operation:  Closed permanently
Site last modified:  December 31st, 2001                         

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